Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What If Michael Vick Was a Veterinarian

What if Michael Vick was a DVM? It is a scary thought, but the reality is apparent here in the Live Free or Die State of New Hampshire. This is a warning for pet lovers about a corrupt scheme that has been discovered at the non-profit All Better Pets - a 501(c)(3) organization that is operating out of the AVC low cost emergency veterinary clinics in Manchester and Concord, New Hampshire.

We are posting this SCAM ALERT to keep you and your pets safe from harm. Trust me when I tell you that your pet would be better off dead than placed for adoption with All Better Pets. Don't support this scam in any way. If you are a rescue or a pet owner, stay as far away as possible from the place. If you have donated money here, ask the Charitable Trusts Division of the Attorney General's Office to investigate what happened to your money. The board members of this non-profit are the clinic owner, her husband and three employees. That information alone should raise eyebrows, but the finances behind it all are even more frightening.

All comments are welcome and will be allowed on this post as soon as they are cleared for SPAM filtering. Do not let another pet lose its life to this scam. This is not an animal shelter. It is a corrupt scheme that subsidizes a veterinarian who steals pets from people who are financially struggling. They are asked to surrender their pets for a mandatory donation of $240 made payable to AVCNH. If their pets survive lifesaving emergency treatment then they are adopted out to a new owner through the All Better Pets non-profit for $500-$700. What a scam! Comments and questions are also welcome to me directly at