Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back with Buck on Catamount Hill

Buck enjoying the snow on Catamount Hill
After a work induced winter break lasting several weeks, I was looking forward to returning to the trails. My latest canine hiking companion Buck joined me along with my friend Karen for a snowshoe adventure to the top of Catamount Hill.  
Buck patiently waiting for us to decide which way to hike
Three year old Buck is a large Labrador retriever mix who recently arrived after an extended stay at a shelter in Arkansas.  From the very start of our trek through the snow, Buck did not show any signs of having a preference for the warmer climate he enjoyed in the South.  He handled the hike of a few miles in the snow as if he was born and raised in New England.

Nearing the summit and staying warm
As we made our way along the One Mile Trail en route to the Catamount Hill Trail, we encountered a few snowmobiles, but Buck was not at all bothered by the unfamiliar sights and sounds.  He also walked very politely on his leash and was as equally content in leading the way as he was in following the tracks of our snowshoes.

Buck's foster mom packed a warm and rather attractive winter coat for him to wear on his hike.  While the mild temperatures did not warrant an extra layer, I do regret not dressing Buck briefly for the sake of fashion to show off his coat!  And, as I have learned, adding a bit of color to a black dog often makes for a better photo, especially in low light conditions.

Clearing the obstacles in his path
Despite the snowfall and lack of sunlight, we still managed to take a number of photos during Buck's winter adventure that are available for viewing here.  I  had planned to have Buck wear his coat if we were given another opportunity to hike together.  However, I have since learned that I may not get a second hike with him because Buck has an adoption application pending.

Ready for the ride home!
We are hopeful for a perfect match and that Buck will be in a forever home very soon!  In the meantime, I invite you to visit the website for Almost Home Rescue to see the many other wonderful dogs waiting for forever homes.  

See you on the trails!

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