Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bullet Takes Aim at Bald Knob and Finds a Home

Beautiful Bullet posing for a photo en route to the summit
It has been two weeks since my last hike, and I have not yet posted about my adventure with Bullet - a wonderfully handsome and extremely kind Labrador retriever mix who recently accompanied me to the summit of Bald Knob in the Ossipee mountain range.

Bullet enjoying the ride
Before we began our hike, however, Bullet and I had an appointment to meet with a potential adopter at her home in central New Hampshire.  As we drove along to our destination, Bullet rode quietly stretched out in the backseat.  He was equally respectful when we arrived at our destination and met with the woman who was interested in adopting him.  She had considered several online profiles of dogs at via Almost Home Rescue, and Bullet seemed best suited for this person's active lifestyle and love of the outdoors.  She is also a personal acquaintance who lives nearby and knew that I spent time hiking with foster dogs.  I was more than happy to schedule Bullet for a pre-hike visit to her home in the hopes that they would be a perfect match!

Bullet checks out the fenced in area of the backyard
Following a walk around the neighborhood that included a meeting with one of the other dogs who lives on the street, Bullet had the opportunity to check out the house and yard.  He seemed to greatly approve, and he was a perfect gentleman both inside the home and while exploring the fenced in area outside.

Having concluded our visit and hopeful that a perfect match had been made, it was time for Bullet to head back to his foster home.  Along the way, we stopped for a quick hike to the top of Bald Knob.  While a straight hike up the Bald Knob Trail is arguably more interesting and challenging, I opted for the Shannon Brook/Bald Knob Cutoff route in an effort to avoid hunters who may be on the property closest to the road.  As Bullet and I encountered two hunters on their way out via the Shannon Brook Trail, our choice of routes was confirmed. 

Sitting for the camera
Bullet has impressive leash manners and obviously enjoys taking in all the sights and sounds that the woods have to offer.  And while my amateur camera skills are always challenged by the task of photographing black dogs, Bullet's stunning good looks and warm expressions are so plentiful that even I could capture them. 

Looking in the direction of his new home!
While I typically end my posts with a link to a Petfinder profile where you can learn more about my hiking companion of the day, Bullet has officially been adopted by the person who met with him before our hike and will be moving into his new home at the start of the New Year!  I do invite you to view the album of photos from his hike that are available online here and to watch a You Tube video showing how far Bullet has come since being rescued.  Link to Bullet's video is available here if your browser does not display it below.

Happy Holidays!  See you on the trails!