Saturday, October 27, 2012

Last Look at Fall with Isis on Kearsarge

Isis on Mt. Kearsarge
Since the foliage was past peak in the White Mountains, I decided to take foster dog Isis for one last look at fall a bit further south and west on Mt. Kearsarge (2,937 ft.).  Isis was along for a small group hike this fine fall day that felt quite a bit more like summer.  A few days of rain earlier in the week had left the trails rather slick, so we opted for the steeper route to the summit via the Winslow Trail and reserved the longer Barlow Trail for the slippery descent.

Umbry and Isis on the trail
My friend Karen hiked with Isis while I trekked along with foster dog Umbry who is residing with me temporarily while waiting for his adoptive home.  Isis, who was initially quite shy when she first entered her foster home, has made great progress and steadily increased her level of confidence.  She quickly accepted both Karen and me and also interacted well with fellow hikers on the trails.

Happy to be hiking
With portions of the well worn trails resembling streams at times, Karen and I were grateful that Isis had impressive leash manners that allowed us to climb slowly yet steadily and remain on our feet.  Of course, this lovely Labrador retriever mix showed us just how much she loves water by happily splashing through even the deepest of puddles along the route.

Time to start back down the trail
At the summit, Isis displayed more interest in enjoying the views and taking a nap than she did in posing for photos.  After a few pictures, some snacks and a water break, Isis was refueled, rested and ready for the descent.  Thankfully, Isis was equally capable of walking politely on her leash during the entire way down the Barlow Trail.  She did not display any signs of any shyness with her tail wagging the entire trip back to the trailhead at Winslow State Park.  Click here or see below for a video of Isis making her way down the Barlow Trail.

Slow and steady on the descent
A full album of photos from the hike is available online here.  To learn more about Isis and other dogs currently available for adoption or if you would like to consider becoming a foster home for a homeless dog in need, please visit Almost Home Rescue.

See you on the trails!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kenzi Goes Leaf Peeping on Piper Mountain

Kenzi at the summit of Piper Mountain
Already a few weeks into autumn, and my work schedule combined with a few rainy weekend days had been keeping me away from the trails.  The foliage was at its peak over the Columbus Day weekend, and I was in search of a canine to accompany me on a hike.  So, I was thrilled to receive an inquiry from Kenzi's foster family member Michaela who was also looking for a holiday weekend outing that would be suitable for her 10-month old foster dog Kenzi and her own 7-year old rescue dog Zeke.  

Zeke, Michaela and foster dog Kenzi posing with the
colors of fall 
After several months of solo hiking one dog at a time, I was looking forward to a small group outing and the opportunity to further showcase the lovely Kenzi.  It is shocking to me that this wonderful, young girl has been overlooked for several weeks now.  All along the Piper Mountain Trail, Kenzi was as pleasant and well-behaved as the first time I hiked with her to top of Mt. Major back in August.
Kenzi kindly greets a Dachshund on the trail

Kenzi and her foster brother Zeke were both extremely polite with everyone - human and canine - they met en route to the top of Piper Mountain (2,042 ft.).  The 2-mile round trip out and back trek to this summit in the Belknap Mountain Range is the perfect fall hike when you are in search of big views but have little time to spend.

Patiently waiting for a home of her own
As we walked along, I asked Michaela to tell me more about how Kenzi interacts with the other members of her foster family.  In short, Kenzi is the ideal guest who gets along with people and dogs of all ages.  While the family does not include cats, Kenzi has not caused any trouble for the the bunny in the household.  She is also fully house and crate trained.

We are confident that the perfect family is out there waiting to welcome this well-trained girl with golden eyes and matching coat.

Kenzi exploring the summit

To learn more about Kenzi and to complete an application to adopt her, please visit her profile online at  From there, you can read more about the experiences in her foster home and also obtain more information about her rescue organization.  If you are interested in becoming a foster home or would like to make a donation to support more dogs in need of rescue, please visit Canine Guardians for Life, Inc. to support their efforts with a contribution of time or treasure!  A full photo album of Kenzi and Zeke's hike is also available on the Foster Dog Summit facebook page.