Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kenzi Shines through Haze on Mt. Major

Kenzi on the ledges just below the summit of Mt. Major
Hazy, hot and humid did not deter foster dog Kenzi from having an enjoyable hike to the summit of Mt. Major (1,786 ft.) on Sunday, August 5, 2012.  This former Texan, who was recently rescued from an overcrowded shelter, is a gorgeous golden mix of Australian shepherd and Basenji. 

Kenzi was equally excited about hitting the trails as she was with meeting every person and dog she encountered along the route.  On our way up the Main Trail, we had the opportunity to speak with several hikers. 

Meeting rescue dog Harley
Kenzi especially enjoyed meeting and sharing a drink of water with a fellow rescue dog named Harley who was adopted from a rescue group in Tennessee approximately three years ago.  Harley now happily resides in Nashua, New Hampshire, and his family proudly recalled their excitement the day that, "Harley stepped off the transport truck and into our lives."  Of course, Harley and all dogs from reputable rescue groups come complete with a health certificate issued by a veterinarian, full vaccinations and are spayed or neutered prior to departure.  These efforts ensure the health and safety of people and pets already residing in the areas where rescue dogs are being transported for adoption.

Kenzi at the summit
After a humid ascent, Kenzi and I were extremely grateful for the powerful breezes atop Mt. Major.  While we would have preferred less haze in the views overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee, we were grateful for an enjoyable climb and many wonderful photo opportunities that showcase Kenzi's beauty.  A full album of photos from Kenzi's hike can be viewed online

For our return trip, Kenzi and I had high hopes that the Brook Trail would provide opportunities to cool off a bit.  Kenzi took great delight in taking a break from the heat by fully submerging herself and belly sliding several feet down the brook.  She is obviously very fond of hiking and swimming!

Tired but happy after the hike!
Eight month old Kenzi is currently living with a wonderful foster family that includes three other rescue dogs.  While she enjoys the company of her foster family, Kenzi is really looking forward to finally settling down into a home of her own.  Please share Kenzi's adventure with friends and family and help her get the rest of the way home!

To learn more about how to support rescue dogs in need, please visit Canine Guardians for Life, Inc.