Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daisy Leaps to Top of Fletcher's Cascades

Daisy at the start of the Drake Brook trail
For our gorgeous girl Daisy, we were in search of a moderate hike - one without steep climbing that could accommodate the short legs and sturdy frame of an approximately 55- pound Bassador retriever hound.  We found the perfect route to the top of Fletcher's Cascades located in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire via the Drake Brook and Fletcher's Cascade trails.

Fletcher's Cascades
Daisy and I meandered up and down the quiet trails leading to Fletcher's Cascades for nearly three hours and covered 3.2 miles.  We did not encounter any other hikers until we were almost at the top of the Cascades.  Daisy warmly greeted our fellow hikers and posed for a few photos which one of them so kindly offered to take for us.

No leaping required
While Daisy's leaps may be lacking in height, her limbo skills are second to none and also enabled her to tackle a number of trees that had fallen across the trails.  Basset hounds are also not known for their swimming ability, but it was obvious that her Labrador instincts took over every time Daisy crossed the brook as she happily splashed and waded through the water.

Daisy proves that long legs are overrated
At the end of our journey, I was convinced that Daisy had enjoyed her hike and that she would be a perfect addition to a family in search of a happy hound dog.  Daisy, formerly known as Stormy, is currently residing in a foster home with volunteers from Almost Home Rescue.  Her foster family reports that Daisy gets along well with her canine siblings, easily tolerates the resident rabbits and is friendly with all of the people she meets in and around her home.

A complete album of photos from Daisy's hike is available online here.   Please share her adventure with friends and family and help find her a home!

See you on the trails!


  1. where is this hike? hiking with foster dogs is great!!

    1. Hi Jecca, thank you for your comments and for pointing out the fact that I neglected to indicate the location which I have added to the blog post. This is a wonderful hike located in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. The trailhead is located off Route 49 approximately .4 mi SW of Tripoli Road.

  2. I met Daisy the on the same day I met Jenny at Pet Smart. Daisy is really cute and seemed to be very mellow; just taking everything in. I think she would make a really wonderful addition to a family!!