Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jamis Jingles to Mt. Shaw Summit

Jamis ready to hit the trail!
Winter has been slow to arrive this year in New Hampshire.  It was beginning to look a little like Christmas as Jamis and I set out on our hike early in the morning on Sunday, December 18th to the top of Mt. Shaw (2,990 ft.) - the highest peak in the Ossipee Mountains.  This handsome Labrador retriever/Great Dane mix weighing nearly 90 pounds certainly had the energy to keep himself warm on a chilly day.  The temperature was only 15 degrees when we arrived at the trailhead, but Jamis was ready to face the cold and start hiking.

Taking in the views
In the interest of taking pictures, I do allow the dogs with Foster Dog Summit to take the lead and travel ahead of me.  While I do my best to continue reinforcing good leash manners, a 90-pound dog hiking in front of you does resemble more of a towline at times.  With Jamis, however, I knew that his occasional pulling was equal parts enthusiasm for a walk in the snowy woods combined with his sheer size and strength.  He did respond well to my requests to wait and slow down while we charged our way to the top of Mt. Shaw with scenic stops at Tate Mountain and Black Snout en route. 

Looking handsome in his holiday collar
We did not encounter any fellow hikers on the trail until we were approaching the lookout at Black Snout.  Despite having hiked several miles alone, Jamis was curious yet accepting of the hikers as they approached.  We spoke briefly with one other person on the summit of Mt. Shaw who commented how handsome Jamis looked in his holiday collar complete with jingle bells.  

For a dog with roots in warmer climates, Jamis quickly discovered the excitement of making fresh tracks in the snow and the importance of getting a good claw grip on black ice.  He will easily adapt to four season living here in New England.

Hiking and fishing in December!
Most of all, Jamis really just wanted to continue following the scents of the trail.  I think he would have preferred completing the entire 7.7 mile loop without taking a break for photos or even water.  Of course, the Labarador in Jamis could not resist wading and splashing in the streams.

As we neared the end of the our journey, I wished that I had time to hike even longer with Jamis on this day.  I was equally happy to have his company in the car where he quickly settled in for the ride home and took a nap.

Jamis is currently residing in foster care with a family who volunteers with Almost Home Rescue of Maine.  His foster family reports that Jamis is a true gentle giant who loves to snuggle with kids. 

Jamis would be thrilled to have a new start in a new home for the new year.  Jamis was previously adopted from an animal shelter in 2010, but his family very reluctantly had to surrender him when their living situation unexpectedly changed.  Please help Jamis keep his New Year's resolution by sharing his trip report and complete photo album and visiting his online profile at Petfinder.com.

Happy Holidays!  See you on the trails.

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