Monday, November 7, 2011

Take Two for Tipper on Indian Head

Tipper at the summit of Mt. Pemigewasset (Indian Head)
Watching Tipper tackle the trail on Mt. Pemigewasset (2,557 ft.) on a beautiful autumn day was especially rewarding as I recalled that this sweet six-year old Labrador mix recently spent four years living at an animal shelter.  Tipper relished her time in the woods and displayed an increased level of comfort and confidence over our first hike to the top of Red Hill in early September.  
Since my time was limited for hiking this weekend, we chose the approximately three mile out and back trek along the Mt. Pemigewasset trail where Tipper and I could enjoy spectacular views from the ledges several hundred feet above Franconia Notch.  On a perfectly clear day without a cloud in the sky, our journey did not disappoint. 

Tipper at the start of the Pemigewasset Trail
Tipper was eager to get started on a hike that included several stops for photos, a few stream crossings, and the opportunity to meet many new people and a few dogs as well.  She calmly greeted fellow hikers and was especially fond of meeting fellow canine climbers Bella, Scarlet, Barclay and Mike.

Tipper meets Scarlet and Barclay at the summit
Since Tipper and I got a relatively early start, we encountered only a few other hikers until we reached the summit.  Our final steps to the summit can be viewed on this short video clip.  After carefully peering over the ledge from the summit and taking a few photos, Tipper and I made the acquaintance of fellow rescue dogs Scarlet and Barclay who were enjoying the views after having climbed via the Indian Head Trail.  Scarlet and Barclay were both very friendly and proudly modeled their fleece coats while I spoke with their human companions about Tipper and how she was hiking for a home as part of Foster Dog Summit.

Tipper's friend Mike whom she met on the trail
After spending some time enjoying the warm sunshine at the peak, Tipper and I began our descent where we had the opportunity to meet several more hikers.  Everyone was interested in hearing about Tipper's hike for a home and looked forward to sharing her story.  We also met a very enthusiastic cairn terrier named Mike who has climbed several of New Hampshire's 4,000 footers and also enjoys accompanying his family on cross country skiing trips in the winter.  Mike was very excited to make Tipper's acquaintance and to have his picture taken.  He was delighted to pose for a few photos while Tipper enjoyed a break from the camera.

Getting ready for the trip home.
Tipper enjoyed every aspect of her second hike from the trip to the trail head to the stroll to the summit.  A complete photo album of Tipper's journey to the top of Mt. Pemigewasset is available online.  

To learn more about Tipper and to make an application for adoption, please visit her profile online at the Almost Home Rescue page on   Tipper hopes that the next time she meets you on the trails, she will be able to introduce you to her new family.  Please share Tipper's story and help find her a home.

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