Monday, September 19, 2011

Jordan Catches Air on Mt. Chocurua

Taking in the summit views on Mt. Chocurua
The early signs of fall were shining through on the trails leading to the summit of Mt. Chocurua (3,500 ft.) on Saturday, September 17, 2011.  My companion for this late summer excursion was Jordan - a two-year old, fifty-five pound Retriever mix who certainly proved he loves to hike.  Although this was Jordan's first time on the trails, he was a very enthusiastic climber who appeared to gain equal amounts of confidence and joy with every step.  Described as "extremely athletic" by his foster family, Jordan demonstrated a high level of endurance and agility by quickly clearing paths up and over or around large rocks and fallen trees.

Jordan at Champney Falls on the ascent
During our ascent up the Champney Falls Trail, Jordan was both quiet and friendly, and he approached fellow hikers very cautiously as he adjusted to his new experience.  Everyone we met commented on what a good looking dog Jordan was, and they were more than happy to offer him a friendly pat on the head and wish him much success in finding a family to call his own.  Jordan eagerly greeted his fellow canine hikers.  He enjoyed dipping his paws in the chilly water at Champney Falls, and he played briefly with a few dogs who had gone swimming in a pool beneath the cascades.

Patiently posing for more photos
As we neared the summit of Mt. Chocurua where I introduced Jordan to a few hikers traveling towards us, one of them said, "Jordan. Does he catch air?"  It occurred to me that this extremely athletic boy probably could catch quite a bit of air just like Michael Jordan.  He certainly showed his leaping ability by readily jumping over downed trees that were lying across the trails.  Even during last few hundred feet along the Piper Trail to the steep and rocky summit of Mt. Chocurua, Jordan required very little lifting assistance to reach the very top of the mountain.

Carefully descending on the trail
Jordan displayed perfect manners on his leash throughout the entire journey, and he would often pause momentarily as if to look for my reassurance that his pace was appropriate and to confirm that he was not pulling to get ahead.  I was especially grateful for Jordan's attentiveness on the descent where slippery portions of the trail can become hazardous with a dog who tugs on a leash. 

The end of the road!
As we concluded our journey of nearly 8.0 miles round trip, Jordan still had the energy to mingle with a few dogs who were completing their hikes as well.  While Jordan made new friends, I took the opportunity to invite their owners to share his blog post with friends who may be interested in adopting and also asked them to like us on Facebook.  We are extremely grateful for the courtesy of fellow hikers who offered to take our photo at various points along the way.  A complete photo album of Jordan's trek is available for viewing and sharing.

Jordan is currently residing in a foster home made possible through the volunteer rescue organization Almost Home Rescue based in South Portland, Maine.  Jordan thoroughly enjoys the company of five canine siblings in his temporary home, and he is adjusting well to his three year old human sibling.  If you are looking for a sweet, quiet, athletic dog who enjoys the outdoors and loves the car rides to new destinations, then Jordan could be the perfect addition to your family.  To learn more about Jordan and to make an application for adoption, visit his profile online at

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