Monday, September 12, 2011

Four Paws Four Thousand Feet for a Home

Bowie at the summit of Mt. Osceola
Bowie may weigh only thirty pounds, but please don't let his size deceive you.  His four paws are capable of climbing with the big dogs.  This adventurous Golden retriever/spaniel mix reached the summit of Mt. Osceola (4,340 ft.) on September 11, 2011.

Ready to tackle the Mt. Osceola Trail
Bowie and I ascended via the Mt. Osceola trail for a round trip out and back hike of 6.4 miles.  Bowie proved very capable of  climbing over or finding a quick way around any obstacles he encountered along the way.  A few times along the route, I would be ready to give Bowie a boost, but he had already jumped up and over whatever was in his way!  He was also very welcoming as we crossed paths with other hikers and dogs.  Bowie walked politely on his leash and accommodated my countless requests to take his picture.

Flag on the summit of Mt. Osceola on 9/11/11
Upon reaching the summit of Mt. Osceola, Bowie and I were privileged to be able to see one of the 48 American flags that were being flown on the top of New Hampshire's 4,000 footers in honor of all those who were lost on September 11th.  The flag was brought to the summit by members of the hiking community who were participating in the annual September 11th Memorial Hike.   Accompanying the American flag on its journey were a 9/11 memorial flag and an official flag of the Wounded Warrior Project -  an organization that provides programs and services to severely injured service members during the time between active duty and transition to civilian life. To learn more about the September 11th Memorial Hike, visit Flags on the 48 .

Bowie still patiently posing on the descent
After taking photos of this magnificent tribute, Bowie and I overheard a fellow hiker on the summit comment, "Now, that is a perfect sized dog!"  Of course, we took this opportunity to introduce ourselves and explain that he was a foster dog hiking for a home.  We kindly asked if she would share Bowie's information with anyone who may be searching for canine companion. 

A nap for the ride home!
Bowie is currently residing in a foster home made possible by the volunteer network of Canine Guardians for Life, Inc.  He has been a welcomed addition to his foster home where he enjoys the company of three other mixed breed dogs of similar size.  In addition to being an enthusiastic hiker, Bowie is also housebroken and crate trained, and he enjoys the company of people and other dogs. 

Please share Bowie's adventure and  be sure to check out all of the photos from his hike in his Foster Dog Summit photo album.

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  1. A great experience for a great dog. Bowie finally got a chance to show his athletic side. For the right companion, Bowie truly is the perfect package. Our dear rescue pups are fortunate to participate in this wonderful program. Lisa-Marie, thank you for all you do for them and for rescue awareness!