Sunday, August 14, 2011

Davey Tackles Catamount Hill

Davey hiking on the Catamount Trail
Foster dog Davey had a wonderful hike along the trails of Bear Brook State Park on Saturday, August 13, 2011.  With nearly 10,000 acres and over 40 miles of multi-use trails that are suitable for hiking, biking and horseback riding, Davey and I had several routes from which to choose.  In keeping with our foster dog summit theme, we opted to hike to the top of Catamount Hill - one of three peaks located within the park.

On his way to the top
Two-year old Davey weighs a mere twenty four pounds, but this terrier mix proved he can tackle the trails like a dog twice his size.  We met fellow hikers and briefly interacted with some dogs on our journey to the peak of Catamount Hill.  Everyone was impressed with how quickly and enthusiastically Davey tackled one of the most difficult trails in the park.  He was equally well mannered with people and their pets.

Posing at the scenic lookout
During the climb, Davey was more interested in walking and exploring the sights, sounds and scents of the trail than he was in taking photographs.  However, by the time we reached the scenic lookout located just before the hill's peak, Davey was at his photogenic finest and posed for several pictures.

As we finished our journey and returned to the parking lot, we met up with Derby - a fellow terrier mix who was also recently adopted into his family.  Davey and Derby played extremely well together and acted more like old friends than new acquaintances.  Additional photos from Davey's adventure can be found in his Foster Dog Summit album available here.

Davey meets Derby
Davey is currently in a foster home where he has the opportunity to interact with a variety of different dogs, and he is doing very well with his crate training routine.  He is extremely friendly, curious and eager to please.  Davey will be a wonderful companion to the lucky family who opens their heart and home to his warm eyes and bright smile. 

To learn more about this wonderful terrier or to share him with someone you know would be the perfect adopter, visit Davey's page on Petfinder.  If you are interested in learning how you can support or adopt other dogs currently residing in foster homes, please visit Canine Guardians for Life, Inc.

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