Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Foster Dog Prada Conquers Crotched Mountain

Prada on the trail
On Sunday, July 24, 2011, Prada proved that little dogs with short legs can climb to big heights.  Still full of puppy energy, this approximately 6-month old Jack Russell/dachshund mixed breed demonstrated that she is ready to hike with the big dogs.  Prada may be small in size, but she is big in personality.  She excitedly greeted me at her foster home which she shares with three other dogs - a Labrador mix named Molly and two Beagle mixes named Charley and Jolene.  Prada was equally excited about riding in the car and quickly settled in for the drive to the trail.

Approaching the summit
Since Prada is new to hiking and she does have shorter legs, I opted to take her on a hike that would offer a trail with predictable terrain yet still allow us to complete a foster dog summit.  The Francestown Trail to the top of Crotched Mountain begins at the base of the ski resort and follows one of the easiest ski trails to the 2,066 ft. summit.  This route proved to be the perfect choice for a novice hiker like Prada who was on her first mountain adventure.

Taking a break and enjoying the sunshine
While Prada would have gladly welcomed the company of other dogs and people along the way, our solo journey to the summit of Crotched Mountain was a very enjoyable climb with plenty of opportunities for photos and water breaks en route.  The haze that accompanied the oppressive heat wave earlier in the week was just lifting as we reached the top of the mountain. 

Prada enjoyed roaming along the summit and taking in the views before we began our descent.  Any concerns that I may have had about Prada being able to complete the trip vanished as soon as I saw how much energy she still had in reserve for the hike back to the base.  On the way down, she was excitedly running at times and happily chasing butterflies.

I made it!  And I know there is a home out there for me...
To see more pictures of Prada's journey, visit her photo album on the Foster Dog Summit fan page.  If you or someone you know is interested in sharing his or her life with a wonderful canine companion who travels well in the car and on foot, please see and share Prada's Petfinder adoption profile.  Prada and the many other dogs that are waiting for adoptive and/or foster homes through Canine Guardians for Life, Inc. would be extremely grateful for your networking assistance!

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